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If you are a wilderness property owner looking for an investor, tenant, operator or buyer, please kindly contact us for a discreet discussion and we will list your property (off market or on market) in our investment catalogue and introduce to potential investors who fit your particular requirements. Our core focus is properties and investments located within a targeted or existing Communal Wild Conservancy. Should you be a potential investor, kindly make contact with us using the following form and we will arrange a meeting to discuss your particular needs.

NOTE: standard CWC Africa Projects (Pty) Ltd introducer fees and terms and conditions apply.


CWC Africa’s Development Fund urgently required donor funding in order to fund much needing planning resources to help sustainably develop our targeted landscapes into Communal Wild Conservancies (CWC’s).  If you are a potential donor or would like to discuss getting involved with a particular landscape, please kindly make contact with us using the contact forms provided or follow the below link to the funding section in order to make a donation

Loziba Wildlife Reserve -10 lodge concessions on offer