Africa’s vast National Parks and remaining wilderness areas are under serious threat from human encroachment, mining, industrial agriculture, degradation and climate change. Conversely, their neighbouring communities are often faced with poverty and unemployment.

African Conservancies has set up a fund raising entity in the United Kingdom called Rewilding Africa CIC( ) in order to source the critical upfront impact funding required for the establishment of a Conservation Economy with Africa’s communities, including much needing planning resources to help develop community land surrounding protected areas into Communal Wild Conservancies (CWC’s). We seek to protect these areas from encroaching inappropriate development, whilst creating restorative, sustainable conservation-based revenue streams for the local communities and other stakeholders.


Funding requirements are broken down into:

Operating capital for African Conservancies management and project specific fund raising campaigns.

Project specific funding
(ie Loziba Wildlife Reserve )

Country and landscape specific COMMUNAL PLANNING UNITS (CPU’s) to conduct community workshops, spacial development land use planning , mapping, setting up of community ownership structures, feasibility studies and business plans, project management, professional consultants, specialist studies, packaging and marketing.

Community Conservancy infrastructure development including land rehabilitation, roads, fencing, bulk services, rewilding, Conservancy Business Hubs and seed capital for Conservation Economy businesses.